The weekend we went home

It seems I have taken a break from blogging. What I’ve done between April and now I can’t really say, it most certainly isn’t a lot. Last weekend however, I was quite busy. I took the Italian back home and it was a real adventure.

A cycling trip

We saw a deer jumping ahead of us while we were cycling in the middle of the forest; a snake (also while cycling); and a hedgehog that lives underneath our flat’s patio. Who needs an African safari when you can just head to Värmland?

Perch catch

We also went fishing and I caught 3 perch and the Italian one. This I took a lot of pleasure in obviously, but I’m not the one to gloat – well, at least I would like to think I’m a humble person. The competitive side of me threw a victorious fist in the air.


The best thing about being home during summer is the light. It never fails to impress me and you instantly forget the gloom of November. We stayed up until midnight and it still wasn’t properly dark. I know a French exchange student who really suffered from the bright nights, but I love them. It’s a wonderful experience and I haven’t even been to the very north of the Arctic circle, where the sun never sets this time of year. I can only imagine how magical it is – and magical, although it’s such a cliché word, is the only way I can begin to describe the midnight sun phenomenon.


Summer night

Magical, however, isn’t the right word for one of our restaurant visit. I think we enjoyed one of the worst meals this side of the year (apart from a horrendous pasta experience in Cortina), with fillet served on top of “soup” and lamb fillet served with overcooked fennel sausage and “brown sticky sauce”. Yes, it was an embarrasment. However, my uncle served up a wonderful BBQ, which saved the whole trip. The fika was splendid as always.

Coffee break

Before heading out to my neck of the woods, we made a pit stop in Gothenburg and had brilliant coffee at Da Matteo. We probably could’ve sat there all day in the picturesque alleyway, watching tourists and Gothenburg hipsters. Rum för Papper is across the café, Filippa K next door and a lovely florist opposite add to the ambiance. I noticed that the latest trend in Sweden seems to be paternity leave. So many buggies, so many daddies. I also found a juice bar, which I can thoroughly recommend.

I know I keep saying that “this was one of the best weekends away”, but this time it’s really true. If you want to breathe fresh air and relax, there’s certainly no such place as Värmland. Grandpa impressed me with his English and provided the best comment of the weekend. When The Italian said “See you soon, hopefully”, grandpa coolly replied “maybe”. “Maybe” we’ll come back then, grandpa! The Swedish roadtrip is already planned for next year…


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