Carlo Pancetta

Do you know who Carlo Pancetta is? It’s one of The Italian’s favourite jokes, you see. To turn English names into Italian. So Carlo Pancetta is Kevin Bacon and Tommaso Navigare is Tom Cruise. It makes me giggle every time. The names came to good use yesterday as I watched A few good men.

Homemade walnut rolls

Apart from watching old(ish) movies yesterday, I also had one of the best cinnamon bun experiences of my life. I had read about this bakery in Stockholm, Fabrique, that has multiple outlets in the capital. They came over with their sourdough culture last year and opened up in Hoxton; hopefully to spread a better bread appreciation in this country. My colleague Miss C knows my hatred for the nation’s favourite: the triangle sandwich.

Fabrique is everything a bakery should be and more. It might be an unassuming spot under the railway arches (and it’s definitely an awkward location if you live in the West), but their bread, baked in a stone oven, is simply fantastic. It’s chewy, flavoursome, slightly charred and not even related to the cardboard bread they “bake” in the supermarket.

Walnut rolls with spelt

I bought two walnut rolls, a sourdough baguette and that moist cinnamon bun too. Let me tell you why I was ecstatic about the bun. Usually you buy a dry and sad little knot, that you simply have to wash down with a cup of coffee. I rarely buy cinnamon buns in a cafe (it’s almost like ordering chicken in a restaurant and coughing your way through dinner because of it being rather “salmonella nuked”), but here they had certainly not spared the butter and sugar, which made it lush. Lush I tell you!

Stack of bread

When The Italian and I got home with our bread bounty, we swiftly finished the walnut roll and I then tackled the pointy sourdough baguette. But when there was only one roll left for The Italian, I suddenly felt a pang of jealousy. I sat in the bedroom waiting for Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson to kickstart the ‘You can’t handle the truth’ dialogue and wanted to go into the kitchen and hide the roll. Hide it in say, the oven, where he wouldn’t find it. Even for me, this is taking food envy to new levels. However, love is stronger than bread so I left it to be eaten by its rightful owner. After all, I had been less kind with saving the prosciutto cotto…

A few good men but a lot of good bread was the key to a perfect lazy Sunday.

I was too quick to eat the bread, so these walnut roll images are from my own baking session. That was another successful Sunday, a few weekends ago.


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