Normally my flat is quite tranquil, but when Miss E’s and my mother came to visit, it felt like we were transported to a jolly Mediterranean family reunion. The flat didn’t feel crammed at all,, in fact, it was awfully quiet when they left.

My mum visits twice a year and of course, we need to do some sightseeing while she’s here. We do less and less of it however, she’s not that fussed anymore and I can’t think of any interesting places to see. This time we attempted to go on a London walk, but that failed massively as I led my mum to Temple tube station instead of Holborn. By the time I had realised, the tour through the Courts of Justice had probably spotted their first wig.


Instead, we went to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Armed with audio guides, we climbed further and further up the cathedral; all the way up to the very top, which made my mother feel slightly terrified. She suffers from vertigo and in hindsight it wasn’t such a good idea to push her out with snap happy Americans photographing “London Bridge”. The views are fantastic however and I don’t think she regret squeezing up there (literally, you have to squeeze through some passageways, which should put off anyone who’s just had a hearty meal). The tombs of Nelson and the Duke of Wellington in the Crypt were quite fascinating too.


It’s become a tradition of ours to go to Kew Gardens and so we went there too. Whenever my mother is here, the sun shines. It’s incredible, really. Whenever the Italian’s parents are here, it rains. After we covered nearly half of the park, we stopped for lunch at Franco Manca in Chiswick. I’d been told that this is the best pizza in London, but I think I missed the point. The sourdough base sure was sour, but it was too bread-like. I guess the Neapolitan pizzas are not my bag.  Instead of falling in love with the pizzas, my mother fell in love with an antique shop and would’ve probably spent a few pennies in there, should her home not be hundreds of miles away.

When my mum left I immediately thought of a handful of places she has to see next time she visits, so now I’m just hoping she’ll be back soon. If only for spotting those wigs on the Courts of Justice tour.


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