Tuesday blues

At about the same time Miss E went to bed this evening, I started clearing out bags of stuff that had remained unpacked since I moved to the flat, 4 months ago. Isn’t it the best when you find old photos, notes, tickets and most of all money! I should definitely head out to Europe soon as I found a few euros.

My findings really helped as Tuesday is my least favourite day of the week, I find it really boring. It’s not midweek and it’s definitely nowhere close to the weekend. You’ve read all your work emails and now you’re actually expected to work.  To add injury to my Tuesday blues, I had a terribly embarrassing day at work. We were filming a customer at his home and when we got there we realised the camera battery was low. As low as the depth’s of Grand Canyon. We rushed through the interview sweating profusely as the battery indicator was flashing red. We just about made it in 30 minutes, I felt so unprofessional.

It can only go up from here!

Do you like the photo above? I’m afraid it’s not my work, it’s strangely enough the Italian’s. After going through his photos from his American roadtrip I wondered if he possessed any photo skills (seriously, how many roads and cars can you take photos of?), but this seems to confirm that there is an artistic streak within him. Maybe it only comes out when the object is Italian; the Aqua di Parma house essence was his latest purchase this weekend. While I unpacked 3 year old marshmallow-scented candles this evening in my “big clear out”, the Italian is one step ahead with a sophisticated property perfume. Like I say, it can only go up from here.


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