Time to grow up

The new IKEA catalogue arrived today and I got really inspired flicking through the storage pages. After each skubb solution, I took a mental note and decided it was time to shape up my bedroom.

You see, this is now my bedroom not the Italian’s and my bedroom. He has moved into his new flat and I’m left behind in his old one. Sob. Actually, it’s great and not at all sad. I now have my cosy in-need-of-a-refurb-place, but I can also gatecrash his Italian minimalist pad.

What isn’t great however, is the clutter that is everywhere. Since the Italian still has some stuff left (and he only left last week), it’s been impossible to create any order. There isn’t a piece of clothing that doesn’t have a wrinkle on it. Shoes are stacked on top of each other and spill out into the living room. Poor Miss E, she must think I’m a hoarder!

I think this tidy-up frenzy must’ve been sparked by the Italian’s and my first (pasta) dinner in his new flat yesterday. Although the flat isn’t 100% ready, we had to clean the dishes in the bathroom for instance, ┬áit felt very grown-up. He has an efficient extractor fan for crying out loud! And statement lighting over the dining table. Today, I felt that I needed to stop slumming it and grow up too.

And so the IKEA catalogue basically landed on my lap and there was no reason why not to start making my room look a bit nicer. Job done for today.

All images are from the new IKEA 2013 catalogue


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