This was my weekend

I’ve been cooking for most of this weekend. I woke up on Saturday morning and found two brown bananas in the fruit bowl. Brown bananas are only good for one thing, banana bread.

I had an exhausting week and cooking is quite relaxing. A dollop of this, a spoonful of that and off you go. Miss E, my flatmate, doesn’t like cooked fruit and so wouldn’t eat the banana bread, but it got praise later that evening when Anna came over for dinner.

I prepared Swedish tacos and it was my first proper dinner party in the new flat. I’m gunning for the ‘hostess with the mostess’ title this year. Anna brought me a lovely orchid as a house warming gift, but I fear it will die shortly. I don’t have a good track record when it comes to flowers, so I’m handing over all responsibility to Miss E. The Italian might have green fingers too, he has unknown talents that man.

Today, I made good use of the tomatoes the Italian’s mother brought over from Puglia. Don’t they look like supermodel tomatoes? Surgically enhanced tomatoes? My former flatmates Fran and Miss L came over for Sunday lunch and I served a milky mozzarella with rocket salad, spaghetti with prawns and the Pugliese tomatoes and the aforementioned banana bread. They brought the wine, which was a good move. 2 bottles of red, gone.

Fran’s parents have bought a house in Spain and we’re looking into heading over there in October to top up our tans (or in my case, get one). I’ve been on holiday with Fran before, a weekend in Paris, and it was so much fun. That girl is mad. Try living with her, it was pretty mad too.

I’ve now slumped down on the sofa, still enjoying my pasta coma and I know I’ll sleep like a log tonight. Just what I needed, a good food weekend to get me in the right mood for a hectic Monday morning.


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