Love is lemons

One morning I woke up to find two beautiful lemons sitting on the kitchen counter. The Italian had been home to Bari over the weekend and as a surprise he had picked lemons from his garden and brought them home on the plane for me.

I can’t think of anything better than seeing two juicy lemons, gigantic in size and bursting with zesty flavour, first thing in the morning.

Ideally, I want to keep them forever. Frame them and admire them every time I eat breakfast. But alas, as they will grow mouldy in a jiffy I’ve had to use them. The Italian loves lemon cake, so I attempted a spongecake recipe to please him. I was less than pleased with the result however, it was way too dense and didn’t have that intense lemon flavour I was after.

Fortunately, the Italian ate practically the whole cake over the weekend so I didn’t need to worry. Seeing as he likes to eat cake for breakfast (it’s an Italian thing I will never understand) it doesn’t really matter if it’s dense or not as a glass of milk helps to wash it down.

Tonight I’ve used up another lemon for a spaghetti recipe with parmesan, basil leaves and olive oil. While there are some more lemons now in the fruit bowl (I’ve since been to Bari myself), I’m already trying to think about next recipe. Any thoughts?


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