A flower-filled day

Another Monday, another flower show. Hampton Court Flower Show could’ve been a disaster as the rain looked like it was just waiting to pour down, but we managed to stay dry. Miss C admittedly got some mud up her legs, but what can you do when there’s soil everywhere?

I much preferred Hampton Court from Chelsea Flower Show. The installations were more interesting and had a whole different agenda, sometimes even political.

I still can’t manage the work camera, so some of the photos are so-so. Even though I took a photography class I still feel like it’s a bit of a gamble how the images will turn out. Let’s just leave it with ‘I’m obviously not the next David Bailey’. These ones I’ve obviously cherry picked to show off.

There were loads of beautiful flowers around and meadow flowers, particularly poppies, which I really like. There were obviously more complicated ones around (a frangipani among them), but I’m a simple girl (I know that some people might laugh when they read this…) and prefer lily of the valleys, cornflowers or bluebells over anything else.

To be honest, my favourite part of the show was the food tent – big surprise. The Garlic Farm had the best display of garlic and it smelled amazing.  I’ve never seen elephant garlic before, but I’m sure it would make for a pungent bread topping. All in all, we had a great morning out, with mud or no mud on our legs.


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