Long time, no see in Gothenburg

The best thing about travelling is when you’ve reached your end destination. And the very best thing about reaching your end destination is when someone meets you there. Miss Mary met me at Gothenburg bus station and made the day endlessly better.

She navigated the streets of Gothenburg and took me to her favourite lunch place. We had plenty of time to catch up before CM, his fiancée and daughter joined us. Miss Mary did a great job organising the whole get-together. When old friends live in different places (and different countries) it’s no mean feat getting 6 people in the same room.

Miss Mary and the rest of the team love Gothenburg. I like its proximity to the sea, its brilliant café scene and the cute boutiques, but otherwise I find it awfully windy.

My heart doesn’t go pitter-patter for Gothenburg, it’s not a place where I want to settle down and I can’t explain why. However, the crew showed real golden nuggets of the city while I was there. Haga is absolutely the nicest part of town with great little cafés and shops. It’s fascinating to think that these small, wooden houses were once the shabby end. Don’t miss the giant cinnamon buns served at Café Husaren!

Looking at these photos it’s not Gothenburg I miss the most, but my friends who I see far too little of.

Not being able to see a friend’s baby grow up, or attend a friend’s marathon pursuits or hearing the everyday stories of a frustrated best friend, are unfortunately the downsides with living abroad. I think I treasure these few moments with them more than they realise.


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