Flower celebrations

I can’t describe how happy I am today. I’m sitting in my new flat, overlooking a pretty patio, having enjoyed breakfast all by myself. For nearly 3 years I’ve lived in a flat with a flock of people. People came and went and you were never sure what they were doing. Classic London flatshare.

Rent was amazing of course, which is why I stayed. Location was also fairly amazing, but enough is enough. I’ve temporarily moved in with the Italian, who’s bought his own flat and will have finished the extensive renovation in little over a month (or so we pray). He’s currently on a roadtrip in the States, so I moved in all my stuff during one sweaty day. Rosie, the angel, helped me unload my whole life (compartmentalised in convenient bin bags), very efficiently.

After a day of folding, unfolding, packing and unpacking, the Italian’s flatmate took one look at the crammed closets and said: ‘He’ll dump you within a week’.

Now, there might not be room for much more shopping. And the Italian’s shoes might have to learn to share the not-so generous storage space, but I remain positive. As long as he doesn’t see all my winter coats in the living room cupboard, I’m thinking the coast is clear.

To celebrate my move, I thought it fitting to show photos of Chelsea Flower Show, which I visited during the weekend. It was sweaty and crowded, but some of the show gardens were stunning. Poppies are my new favourite thing and bull statues are my least. You’ll see what I mean.


One thought on “Flower celebrations

  1. As long as you don’t move the ugly statue in (and he doesn’t find the winter coats), I am sure you’ll last longer than a week 🙂

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