No pain, no gain

Here’s a little story to cheer you up. I was getting into the whole fitness thing, trying to scan all the free classes in the area to achieve some sort of goddess-like physique for the summer. I went to reformer pilates and a circuit class and felt proper psyched about the whole thing. Then the ache started. Muscle pain is obviously normal when your biceps and triceps haven’t worked out for a while, but what I’m experiencing now is beyond me.

Say hello to cheez doodle arms. I can’t keep them straight.

I look like I’m about to shake anyone’s hand at any time. For 3 days my right arm has looked like an anaconda, which has swallowed a mouse. All I wanted was a little bit definition and here I am stuck in a permanent cramp position. When will it go away? Who knows, but the Voltarol I have in the bathroom cupboard won’t last much longer.

I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime I can strongly recommend going to Dozo on Old Brompton Road if you’re up for good Japanese food. I’ve had vegetable gyoza, meat gyoza, teriyaki chicken with asparagus and the California rolls. The sashimi, which I haven’t yet tried, comes served in a bowl, on a bed of ice and with a criss-cross wooden arrangement. I might order it next time just so other guests will stare at me with food envy.

You’re sat at sunken down tables while the friendly staff runs around you on the raised floor. The lighting is flattering, the atmosphere calm (apart from some people moving in and out for takeaways) and the prices are very reasonable. The food is, of course, very nice too. There aren’t many tables, which makes it a quite intimate venue, and you also sit close to other guests. For a quick weekday meal, it’s perfect.

If you’re wondering about the photos accompanying this post I can only say that the focus today is on blossoms, not biceps.


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