Pet mania

I can’t believe I’m about to confesses this, but I went to a dog café yesterday. My friend Anna has bought a Chihuahua and this weekend she was also dogsitting another little pup. Although it might not be my first choice to sip coffee at a pet café, it made for an interesting insight into pet owners’ lives.

Anna’s Chihuahua is a friendly little one. She doesn’t make much noise, in fact, hardly moves. Just my kind of dog. The other one must have some form of disorder. I’m thinking ADD or another overly energetic condition, though I’m not sure this is something that affects canines?

As I volunteered to hold her leash I was at one point afraid that she would do a somersault and land on her neck. Would I be held responsible? I handed over the leash to Anna and immediately felt relieved.

First, we entered one pet shop to look at dog collars. For those of you who haven’t bought a dog collar, like ever, I can tell you that they don’t come cheap. In fact, with Swarovski crystals and butter-soft leather straps they easily fetch around £60-70. The shop also catered for other needs. Say that your pup isn’t feel well, then you can buy him or her a ‘get well card’. Or if it’s his birthday, why not get him a ‘birthday boy’ onesie?

We failed to buy anything (…) and moved to the café instead, where you can drink tea, while your dog (and I’m assuming whatever pet you’ve got) can grab a bite too (I’m assuming this bit, as well). The interior is very glam and flamboyant and there were plenty of masters and mistresses with their pups. There were also folks without dogs, which I found intriguing. Do they simply go to this café to gawk at other’s darlings?

I know this is a lovely haven for dogowners, the atmosphere couldn’t have been friendlier. But for someone who doesn’t own a West Highland terrier, a dachshund or Chihuahua, there are very few incentives to go. Rosie, who didn’t want to sit on one of the chairs as she was afraid of getting dog’s hairs on her behind, is definitely part of the crowd that would rather rock up with a non-allergic goldfish in tow. And in that category, I must say, I too fall. For doglovers however, this is paradise.


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