Happy Pancake day

It’s a bliss being able to combine early morning exercise with early morning cooking as a working professional. How superior it feels to juggle domestic chores with fitness. At least, that’s what I’m presuming as I haven’t mastered the skill yet.

As it was Shrove Tuesday, I wanted to make pancakes. But I also wanted to do some yoga and wash my hair. Said and done, I finished my relaxed yoga session and took a look at my watch, I was late. I rushed through to the kitchen, still in my exercise attire and started cooking with a speed Usain Bolt would’ve found impressive.

The images here show my quite successful pancakes but they fail to show the smoky kitchen, the burnt frying pan and the half dried hair I still had when I left the flat. When I reached work there was no yoga spirit left in my body, it was all tense shoulders and stiff neck (presumably from the wet hair).

The recipe is taken from Green Kitchen Stories, a brilliant food blog written by a Danish and Swedish couple, and I’ve wanted to cook their veggie dishes for a long time. The pancakes are made with bananas, eggs, desiccated coconut, blueberries and cinnamon, so they’re completely wheat-free. I fried them in butter (there’s an end to how healthy something can be), although the recipe states that you should use coconut oil.

I’ll definitely try more of their recipes, I just won’t do it at 8am. I’m not that professional yet.

I had time to take these high quality photos on my iPad, using one hand, while eating with the other. 


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