My kind of Valentine

It’s a good thing you can’t see how I look right now, because I’m sitting with a smug grin on my face, thinking about last night’s Valentine’s dinner. The 14th of Feb has never been a day of romance for me, I got the odd card when I was younger (and the odd rose), but as an adult the day hasn’t caused much of a stir.

Yesterday didn’t involve either cards or roses, but I successfully cooked my first steak sarnie! It might not have been the most romantic meal in the book, no candles were present, but when you want to please a boy’s palate, you can’t go wrong with a meaty sandwich. By looking at our clean plates, it seems I was right.

The Italian gave me the highest appraisal ever: a simple, but impressive, ‘brava’.

The recipe is from Jamie Oliver, king of lads’ food, and although the steak sandwich is the centerpiece of the meal, the beetroot salad with feta cheese and roasted potatoes with rosemary are just as essential.

Although the Italian “complained” that I had messed up his 1 ½ hour gym session with hefty calories, I think this was quite a balanced meal. Vegetables – check (beetroots and rocket can be classified as superfood), protein- check (organic meat is the way forward), fibres – check (a lovely ciabatta from Exeter Street Bakery), am I being defensive? – check!

It was only the vanilla ice cream with hazelnut crisps and raspberries that might have pushed the calorie boundaries slightly (and by that I mean a lot). Besides, I don’t tend to take any calorie criticism too seriously, seeing as the Italian has no problem with eating cake for breakfast.

I feel inspired about cooking again and it’s about time. Over breakfast I sat flicking through Jamie Olivers iPad app and discovered some real gems. The smug smile on my face might be here to stay.

Here’s the recipe to Jamie Oliver’s steak sarnie, crispy new potatoes and beetroot salad.


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