Polpette in my honour

Instead of exploring a Roman restaurant during our last day in Rome, we were invited over to Dodo and Miss Stefi for lunch. Stefi obviously wanted me to feel right at home as she cooked meatballs (polpette). What an honour!

Of course, being an Italian lunch, we didn’t just have meatballs. Where do Italians store all this food? To me it’s a mystery and I don’t believe for a second it’s because they use “good ingredients”. They’re blessed by the unknown god, Metabolismus. Must be.

Now I don’t have any photos of the meatballs, but I can assure you they were good. I’d never had a combination of turkey, pork and beef balls before, but it gave a nice, moist texture. The tomato sauce had a hint of spiciness to it, which made the dish interesting. I’d also never had radicchio¬†risotto before, but it was a hit too. Very creamy and simple and not so ‘ricey’ as risottos can be. I’ve in fact never been a particular fan of risotto, but Stefi the chef knew how to make it work. With stock, leek and radicchio as base I would say it’s an excellent recession recipe.

To finish off we had very English muffins, but by then we were all a bit dozed off. And while Stefi and I went out to explore Rome, Dodo went to a football game – the Italian had to take a nap on the sofa.


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