Merry spa Christmas

Everywhere I look I see people mooching around in bathrobes, old gentlemen wear track suits and women sport slippers. I’m at a spa you see, and here the only dress code seems to be “casual to the point of pyjama wear”. Not that I mind, I’m kitted out in the same attire. If there’s anything I fully support it’s loungewear.

In an attempt to do something different on Christmas, my mother suggested spending the weekend at a spa. I wasn’t fully convinced until I got here, sticking to Christmas traditions have always been very important to me. But since our family is getting smaller and smaller (uncle and wife jetted off to Thailand for 3 weeks), we thought it was time for a change.

So instead of even thinking about Christmas (apart from hearing Christmas carols in the lobby and seeing a grand tree in the restaurant) I started my day with yoga, went on to try spinning and finished my day on the treadmill. Spinning wasn’t really my thing, but at least I didn’t fall off the bike (this was something I expected) and I was peddling the entire time, albeit in a slightly slower pace than the rest. The 60-year old lady to my right looked awfully fit.

A visit to the jacuzzi and then sauna made my body feel like jelly and it never really recovered. By the time we gave each other our Christmas presents, I was already in bed sitting in a half upright position.

The Christmas buffet was incredible and I was delighted to see so much game. Reindeer and moose sausage, game paté and cured deer were some of the highlights. The Swedes’ version of chipolatas, 4 different types of prepared salmon, 5 types of herring, ham, meatballs, spare ribs, eggs, so many different salads I couldn’t count, potatoes, potato gratin with anchovies and a roast pig also made the bountiful table. I went too many times to the cheese board, but the brie and Comte were excellent.

I had never expected to enjoy myself so much. It was in fact the best Christmas Eve in a very long time, mainly because we tried something new. We even forgot to watch TV! This morning my calves ache a bit, but that’s a minor pain. I’m surprised I’m not bed-ridden after my hefty exercise. So in half an hour I’m joining another class: core. Don’t ask me what it is, but I’m suspecting I will need a very long lunch indeed to recover.


One thought on “Merry spa Christmas

  1. Spa can be great at Christmas time. I worked for four star four diamond for several years as a massage therapist and I promise you that you wont regret creating a new Spa Christmas tradition! It’s usually a very quiet time of the year, you should have alot of peace and quiet and not too many other guests to distract you. Most of the spa technicians working those days choose to work for the money they can make. Of course that is in the States but I can’t imagine it’s all that different in Sweden.

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