Re-inventing the mince pie

A little Christmas piece published on The little Scandi went to eat a quintessentially English treat: traditional and not-so traditional mince pies.

How traditional should a mince pie be? That’s a question for the Mince Pie Project, which has assigned 36 celebrity chefs to create 36 different mince pies in batches of 50 that will be auctioned online in mid-December in support of Action Against Hunger and The Jamie Oliver Foundation.

Reinventing an old-time favourite that has roots in the 13th century seems like a challenge. As with so many other holiday traditions, bringing something new to the (Christmas) table is considered sacrilege. Not having a Christmas tree? Out of the question! Exchange the turkey for chicken korma? I don’t think so.

So what about mince pies, are they as holy as, say, chestnuts and mulled wine? Judging by the launch night of the Mince Pie Project, they are. Out of seven mince pies represented, only two displayed a significant difference to the traditional type. Size, pastry and shape told them apart, but the filling was ostensibly the same.

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