No microwaved meals at Muriel’s

I’m celebrating all things local today. I had a pleasant breakfast at Cacciari’s this morning and made my own lemon flavoured sponge cake in the afternoon. It’s a bliss not having to leave the hood, having to sit on the dreadful tube. I do this most days anyway. Whenever a new place pops up in South Kensington or Chelsea, I rejoice.

It’s another reason not to use my Oyster card.

Muriel’s Kitchen is a great addition to Kensington’s cafe-cum-lunch scene. You can also go there for dinner, but it has definitely more of a day scene atmosphere than an after dark vibe. It also a perfect pitstop for cakes.

It’s impossible to avoid the cosy farmhouse-like kitchen, perched right outside South Kensington tube station. Its location might not be great, but everything else is. And it’s certainly an upgrade from the questionable Italian diner that was there before. Did anyone ever go?

Muriel’s Kitchen serves up hearty, homemade food that you need on a cold December day. The lasagna is fantastic and so are the salads. I usually don’t gush over restaurants that promise “home-cooking”, but Muriel’s deserve a round of applause. Because although the food is re-heated, it doesn’t taste like a microwave meal. It is evident that good and fresh ingredients are essential.

A forkful of salad however, could’ve accompanied the lasagna. Especially when it costs around £7.

I haven’t just tried the food, oh no, I’ve poked both a fork and spoon at the Victoria sponge cake as well as the brownie. The whole pastry and cake selection look fantastic and it’s difficult to stick with one choice. Should I have a cupcake, muffin, croissant or banana bread? Wait, there’s some form of walnut cake too?

It’s the attention to detail I especially like. Baking forms, plants, posters and watering cans (an odd item, but it does work) adorn the shelves and walls, making it feel like someone’s home. It’s not just chairs and tables assembled with random table cloths to fill a space, serious thought has gone into the interior design.

So what can I complain about? The only downside is that this place will inevitably always be packed with tourist hordes that have walked themselves exhausted from Science Museum, V & A , National History and possibly even Harrods. If you can imagine the souvenir bags, fanny packs and umbrellas that threaten to take over the place, suddenly the cosy kitchen can turn into a chaotic cloakroom. That might put me off from nipping in for a cup of tea. But I’ll wait with the Doomsday prophecies and see how the situation pans out. In January the coast should be clear…

The photos in the post I sadly have to admit, are not mine. They’re from Muriel’s Kitchen’s Facebook page


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