Presenting Exeter Street Bakery

There’s a great cafe off Kensington High Street called Cafe Phillies, and now I’ve found another one. My mother and I travelled the backstreets of High St Ken this weekend so we wouldn’t succumb to the intense heat, and suddenly stumbled upon Exeter Street Bakery. One would think this is a quintessentially English bakery, but in fact, the artisanal breads and biscuits are Italian (go figure!).

Mother dearest and myself indulged in a mini-Panettone and a homemade chocolate chip cookie. 2 cups of cappuccino later, and we were sold on the place.

It doesn’t look much as you walk past (and walked past we would’ve done had I not spotted a delicious pastry on a customer’s tray); with basic outdoor furniture and a not-so-cosy interior you wouldn’t expect much, but look further and you see a bakery that you want to return to every day.

Raisin and walnut bread for breakfast, filled focaccias for lunch and pizza for dinner? Oh, and crostata or cornetto for dessert.

We wondered why a simple concept like this can’t make it to Sweden. Not everything has to look stylish if there’s quality behind it. Although I didn’t taste any of the breads, I think Exeter Street Bakery definitely could go by the “don’t judge a book by its cover” saying. And if they open up a stylish cafe alongside their bakery, I wouldn’t mind the slightest.


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