Oh, this is October?

Isn’t it amazing that when you dread autumn the most and you’re convinced there’s no turning back, you’re suddenly experiencing July weather? This weekend has been fantastic. I’ve been sweating, cursing over the heat and trying to catch the last tan of the year. I love scorching temperatures.

More importantly, what made this weekend special was that my Mum came to visit. That’s right, Mum with a capital M.

Once a year I get the privilege to act as a tour guide for my mother and show her the city I live in. She’s been everywhere (even New Cross) and loves a bit of mild sightseeing. This first October weekend we went to Kew Gardens and apart from the beautiful yellow, red and orange leaves, it felt like we experienced the best day of the summer.

Kew Gardens is such a lovely park and it’s definitely worth a visit when you want to escape the heat of London. Although I’ve never been able to cover the whole park in one day, strolling in half of its grounds is enough. On the itinerary I would recommend checking out the pagoda, Queen Charlotte’s summer cottage, walking in the tree canopy (the Rhizotron and Xstrata tree top walk) and the old Victorian greenhouse, which hosts plants from all continents.

Another perk with Kew Gardens is that it’s so close to Richmond. I’ve had picnics in the park before, but this time, my mum and I decided to sit next to Richmond’s riverside and have our (very) late lunch. We even managed to poke around the High Street.

Next time we’re definitely eating at Petersham Nurseries, which we sadly didn’t manage to include in this day’s busy schedule. When we got home we slept for 2 hours out of plain fatigue. But the perfect day, it truly was.





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