La isla bonita

I returned again to Ibiza this weekend to celebrate the Italian who loves deep house music as much as he loves orecchiette pasta. For the birthday bonanza we had rented a villa and together with 11 other happy party people (and ten friends who didn’t stay with us) we formed a fun group. Loud, but fun group. I represented Scandinavia and was the only one who managed to get a fierce sun burn on my thighs. Classic.

While we zigzagged between clubs and beach clubs, boats and the bed, I had time to eat plenty as usual.


This is the beach to experience the buzz of Blue Marlin, but not to the same prices. Food is delicious, really delicious and the John Dory is the best on the menu.It comes in a big frying pan together with potatoes sliced so thinly they’re more like crisps, and roasted vegetables. This time I also tried the tuna carpaccio with soy sauce and mango and it was very refreshing compared to the otherwise heavy dishes. Music from Blue Marlin blasts through the speakers and the view of the Cala Jondal cristal clear bay is fantastic. Don’t think you’ll be able to order ice cream however, even though they have a sign that says they do stock Magnum and Cornettoesque varieties … I’ve been let down by their lack of selection far too many times.

Blue Marlin

Party during the day, party during the night. The music never stops at Blue Marlin although the beats change from early afternoon to late night. This place gets packed no matter what day it is, and whenever you fancy watching some nice plastic surgery species, this is the place to do it. Food is expensive, but I have to admit, really good. The lunch menu is nothing special but there are some highlights. The Iberian ham for instance and the prawn salad with mango vinaigrette. Avoid the fruit platter for £20. We came to Blue Marlin every day, whether it was for late lunch, to laze around on a sun lounger or to dance to the live music (my calves ached the day after). Eurotrash spotting is also a sport.

Es Raco

Easy food with a decent price tag. The al fresco restaurant is nothing special, but the food, which belong to the pizza and pasta genre taste very good. The menu is limited, but still manages to accommodate both fish and meat needs. The outside grill sends a lovely waft as you walk past, and I devoured their thin crust pizza like I’d never seen food before. Es Raco is close to Cala Jondal, towards Sant Josep, and is a safe bet for a midnight meal.


In Ibiza marina there’s a fun fun fun restaurant-cum-cabaret club called Lio and I love it. Talented performers make you think you’re watching in episode of So You Think You Can Dance, while they whirl around doing the Charleston, salsa or ballet. There’s nothing better than watching really gifted artists with infectious charisma, although it makes you feel like a proper dull dud. The menu is exciting including foie gras with jam and bread, sticky beef, Dover sole, crayfish and prawn tartar and other enticing plates. Combine the good food with the view over Ibiza town and you know why I sound like salesy estate agent.

Anyone who thinks that Ibiza is a tacky place with tacky food should re-think. Do you agree?


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