A potential pastry party at Cocomaya

When I first started this blog I mentioned that Cocomaya had opened up in Chelsea. It’s gone 8 months and I’ve finally tried it. Let me give you the vibe.

Miss E and I walked in with a slight headache from Saturday night. The rain was pouring down and we were really hungry. Cue this cafe apparition on Pavilion Street off Sloane Square, with its picture perfect pastries and £7 rye bread. Yes, that’s right. A tiny piece of loaf for £7. The quality of Cocomaya’s products might be sky high, but so are the prices. They even make Ottolenghi look like a bargain.

The problem is that if it wasn’t for the extortionate prices I would gladly have sampled some pastries. Instead, I went straight in for the asparagus quiche with gruyere cheese, which was an absolute treat. Fair enough, we could have been given more, and with some salad on the side rather than just a slice and a plate, but I couldn’t complain about taste. For £4.50 this was the best deal.

With quite loud classical music playing in the background, accompanied with the noise of the coffee machine, we didn’t give Cocomaya much of a chance that day. It was too much for our heads. I would strongly recommend this cute cafe though, as long as you have cash in your pocket and an appetite for pastries in all shapes and sizes. Then it’s heaven.


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