A Swedish food journey in pictures

I ate so much, visited so many friends and spent so much money in Sweden I can’t possibly mention it all in different blog posts. You who are reading this would get terribly bored with my patriotism and references to fika all the time and promptly stop reading.

And I wouldn’t want that.

So I’ve gathered some neat photos instead.

A visit to one of my late grandma’s oldest friends gave us a taste of fresh raspberries straight from the garden and homemade chocolate cake. She always feed us like it’s there’s no tomorrow.

Meringue, bananas, strawberry and vanilla ice cream with whipped cream: oh my, this was one dessert to conquer! It was a classic at every birthday party when I was a kid.

Wild strawberries from V’s parent’s garden. Best berries ever.

Aren’t chives pretty? We grow them on our balcony but these were store bought.

These homemade biscuits are so delicious that you just want to keep eating. It’s impolite to only eat two, so you can understand the need for exercise after a fika session like this.

After a day of eating you need an evening of drinking. This pub has the best location in town, although the clientele is slightly too mature for my taste. Skål!


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