Babies and buns

I’ve been so lazy lately. No blog posts, just solid hard work. Actually not really, I finished my holiday in Sweden and went to Italy instead. Now I’m just suffering from post-holiday blues as well as no-more-holiday denial.

While in Sweden I had the great pleasure of meeting Little M, my dearest and longest friend K’s first born child. I now consider myself to be somewhat of an “aunt” and will shower the girl with wisdom and gourmet thoughts. K, myself and our mothers always meet up whenever we can. These days it’s not so easy and I blame this mostly on K living in the north of Sweden – that I live across the Nordic Sea has nothing to do with it. Therefore I won’t be able to see Little M much, but I’m already looking forward to our next rendezvous.

K’s mother had baked blueberry muffins for our fika time, as well as cinnamon buns (top 3 cinnamon buns I’ve ever had) and other Swedish treats. The muffins had been given an English touch with the Union Jack flag, saved only for very special people, I was told. The coffee was strong and black, just as Swedes like it (Sweden’s Europe’s second biggest consumers of coffee, only second to Finland), and the only thing that was missing was the jolly board games.

The whole bunch of us munched and Little M slept. We laughed and Little M slept. What an excellent baby.

And here she is.

With those eyelashes she’ll definitely score some free meals when she grows up!


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