Faux flowers

V and her boyfriend are seriously into sugarcraft. Unlikely as it may sound. Apparently there’s an American TV show devoted to baking the most ridiculous cakes God would drop his jaw at, and V is quite a fan. So when V’s mum was planning her birthday bash, V wanted to make a killer cake, and she invited me to help out. My sugarcraft skills however are far from perfect.


My task was to make flowers like hydrangeas. I didn’t know what hydrangeas look like, and neither did V. We managed somehow to create some petal-shaped items. When you’re past your mid 20s you’re expected to produce something rather marvellous. Had we been 6 years old, these flowers would’ve been considered true objet d’arts. We felt the pressure was on.

S, V’s boyfriend took care of the pistils.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the finished 3-tiered cake, which I had to admit was very pretty. The flowers were scattered on each tier and they looked better than I’d ever imagined. V and S sure have some sugarcraft skills, and I’m looking forward to my cake next year. They’ll have to practice on some poor guinea pig , don’t they?


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