Foraging at the Fat Hen

As you know, if you read this blog, I was invited to Cornwall a couple of weeks ago to attend a wild food foraging class. The invitation was passed on to me by the food editor of Times Online, Nick Wyke, whom I met last year at a full-on food lovers day in Surrey. Nick has kicked off a project not dissimilar to, the site I formerly worked at.

Looking to Cook reviews the best cookery schools in the UK and Ireland, and I have no doubt that this website will just get bigger and better. Nice photos, good copy and interesting angles, mean that it’s easy to read and you get a good sense what the cookery schools have got to offer. There’s definitely a gap in the market.

After my trip to the Fat Hen in Penzance Cornwall, my name is now on Looking to Cook as a featured writer. I reviewed the the wild food taster day and gave Caroline Davey, founder of the Fat Hen, top marks. The trip was organised by unearthed, a company specialising in sourcing quality Mediterranean and Middle Easter deli products. Although I don’t mention them much in the article, I give them top marks for their passion for food too.

You can read the article here.

It’s great being published on a “real” website, and not just your own measly blog. What I’m most proud about however, is being published on My review of the Fat Hen, in a different format than the one on Looking to Cook, is also featured in the Times’ ‘food and drink’ section. Unfortunately, you have to subscribe to the newspaper in order to see it. I have done a screen grab for those that are curious to see what it looks like. Believe me, this is a piece I’m incredibly happy with.

It’s a strange feeling when your dream comes true just like that. My goal, which I thought was unreachable, was to have my name in print in The Times. And then it happened. Now I’m aiming for the print version, so I can make my family back home really proud. We’ll see what happens. Meanwhile, I’ll keep writing this blog, sharing my love of food.


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