Small good things

That’s what it says on the postcard I took from Flatplanet today. Indeed, the spelt flatbreads at Flatplanet are small good things. First time I walked past this magnificent cafe-cum-lunch outpost Miss E refused to go in on the basis that they didn’t have an alcohol licence. Fortunately, after a rather hefty shopping spree in Liberty this evening, she agreed to give Flatplanet a go.

Situated on Great Marlborough Street, right around the corner from Carnaby Street, and a brilliant stone’s throw away from said Liberty, Flatplanet is one of those places you sometimes need and crave . But you never find them.

Until now of course. Decorated with knick-knacks, a piano downstairs, quirky details and a world map, this quickly turned into our new favourite West End spot. I went for the Dolce Vida flatbread with sauteed mushrooms and parmesan and Miss E opted for Wikileeks. Unfortunately, the latter was sold out, so she settled for Aubergenie instead. “It’s so flavoursome. It really tastes of something”, Miss E said between bites. I didn’t respond as I was too busy enjoying my Dolce Vida.

Flatplanet also serves breakfast flatbreads, wheat-free brownies, a really good fruit and seed bar (free from the usual nasty ingredients), and marvellous cordials. It’s not often one expresses enthusiasm over squash, but my elderflower drink was as perfect as could be. If they get that alcohol licence and piano going, I know Miss E will be a trusted regular. I, on the other hand, will return just for the flatbread puns.

Photos belong to Flatplanet.


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