Caught on camera

On Sunday afternoon in the midst of rain and wind, I embarked on a short journey to Virtuous Bread’s global HQ for a happy lunch. 10 of us had gathered to enjoy a nice pick n’ mix lunch with fantastic homemade bread. We were also set to become movie stars.

Firstly, a pick n’ mix lunch is, according to my vocabulary, a lunch made up of a little bit of everything. Cheese, bread, ham, salami, gherkins, chutneys and vegetables. You pick and you mix. It’s my mother’s specialty and basically all we eat when I go back home. Actually, it’s a bit like Cher’s cooking in Mermaids, although without the dreadful marshmallows.

I’m digressing. We weren’t really there so much because we were hungry (we were, but that’s beside the point), but because Jane has been asked to open up to the M Love Confestival in Berlin with a 20-minute speech about Virtuous Bread and the of social aspects of making bread. While Jane is kneading and talking, a film will be playing in the background. As you’ve probably guessed by now, it will show us greedy lot having lunch.

Luckily, you won’t be able to hear what we’re saying (there’s a reason you’ll never hear me on the radio), the audience will just see us laughing, talking, eating and communicating. Because that’s what the M Love festival is about, the future of the mobile phone and how it can be used to inspire and influence communities.

I’ve been a movie star and hand model in the past week, I wonder what this week will have in store for me?


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