Career change

My client Alastair Instone from School of Food emailed me one day last week with a slightly odd request. “Would you be up for hand modelling?”.

Funnily, this is a profession that has come up before. When I lived in Montpellier with V and K, V had plans of becoming a hand model. Rightly so, her hands are smooth, beautiful and long. Nice nails too. I on the other hand have brittle nails and hairy knuckles. V’s hand modelling career never kicked off but luckily Alastair failed to notice my fuzzy fingers, and so hired me as his hand model for the day.

Now, it was not so much my fingers that was the centre of the attention during the photoshoot, it was Alastair’s cooking. With the intention of sprucing up School of Food’s homepage with some colourful close-up food photos, Alastair had hired the lovely photographer Clare Kelly and engaged me in the whole she-bang too. Look at the photo above, I think it’s the right balance of messiness and deliciousness. Sushi rice doesn’t get much better than when you make it yourself by the way.

We made sushi (ngiri and inside-out rolls), dipped salted caramel in chocolate (this was not my forte), filleted sea bream, practiced knife skills and ate a lot. I’m very excited to see the result on School of Food’s homepage. Meanwhile, have a look at Clare’s stylish blog Pass the Pattern, and admire her photos and frequent updates. It’s mostly about craft and cool findings, but there are also some cakes and baking going on too.

All photos in this post belong to Clare Kelly, if you want to see more of her work, have a look at her Flickr stream.


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