The power of the piadina

I’m a breakfast fascist. I can rarely accept anything other than yogurt, fresh fruit and nuts for my morning meal. Throw in a hard-boiled egg or a wholemeal sandwich once in a while, but I never ever have had a craving for sausages, nutella on toast or just a cup of coffee. However, recently I’ve started to eat piadina for breakfast (actually it’s more like weekend brunch), and lo and behold, it’s growing on me.

I walk to Cacciari’s on Old Brompton Road, sit in the sun (if I’m that lucky) and order Piadina number 1 or 2. Number 1 contains San Daniele ham with squacquerone cheese and rocket salad, and number 2 is a good old parma ham with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes combo. For £6 you get two big generous wraps, and believe me, they’ll sustain you for a long time.

At Cacciari’s they make the “original Italian piadina”, although I’m not sure what that means. A piadina is, in short, a flatbread made up of white flour, olive oil, salt and water, and filled with, most often, cheese and cured ham. It comes from the Romagna region and is a lighter option to the ubiquitous panino. If you don’t fancy a lighter option, you can also order piadina with nutella at Cacciari’s. I’m not much of a nutella fan, but I wonder if peanut butter would work instead? If I’d ask an Italian I would probably get a negative answer.

Today I went to get a piadina for lunch and obviously had to tweet about it beforehand (notice the had to, as if someone forced me to do it). Interestingly, I had two comments back from other piadina fans. In my Scandi ignorance I didn’t realise other people have caught on to this simple snack too. Faerietale Foody promised to write a post about it too, so keep an eye out for her expertise on the subject. Next time I’m in a piadina mood, I might go wild and crazy and order number 3. Tomorrow morning however, I’m sticking to yogurt with nuts.


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