Time for a break

Working from home is a constant struggle, especially if you have your laptop placed too close to the kitchen. I do. In fact, I work from my kitchen table and the cupboard is within very easy reach. This becomes problematic post-breakfast (elevensies) and post-lunch (pre-dinner slump), as I search for anything edible.

Luckily, I know myself only too well and have no biscuits or no nuts (that’s a disaster right there) at home. But I do have Sharpham Park’s spelt puffs. This breakfast treat, which my grandpa used to eat with milk every morning when I was a kid (only it was rice puffs, so he had a less healthy approach), has never been a favourite of mine. However, as an afternoon snack, they’re not that bad.

Sent to me in a big box along with speltotto, spelt flour and pearled spelt, all from Sharpham Park, I had to try these eventually, although I have to confess I was quite sceptical.

So what are they? They’re wholegrain spelt puffs, coated in a blend of cane sugar, honey and blueberry & blackcurrant juice. 100% natural and free from artificial colours and preservatives. I eat them with Greek yoghurt and maybe some slices of fruit. For the past weeks they’ve been my snack saviour.

For the cereal fan this is great news (and for kids hooked on Coco Pops even better). I would probably go for Sharpham Park’s granola or porridge if I made a second purchase. Being shallow as I am (or should I say aesthete-follower to sound more smart?), I would grab a Sharpham Park product just for the design. Along with Rude Health, they just look so darn country-life smart.


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