Must-have sunshine accessory: ice cream

Oddono’s ice cream. What a revelation. It was like being transported back to a European roadtrip in 2005, when Italian gelati was the best thing ever and camping was still fun (ish).

Even though I’m only 15 minutes away from this Italian gelateria I had never heard of it, but now it’s definitly on my food map.

Nocciola, pistachio and stracciatella were the flavours we scooped up on Sunday, but I would leave the latter and opt for basil ice cream or something unusual like chocolate ginger and chilli ice cream. Seems to have a bit more bite.

In the nocciola, whole hazelnuts were hidden in the creamy ice cream, which made it utterly irrestible. The chopped pistachios made the pistachio ice cream not just a silly smooth story but you actually had to chew once in a while. Less babyfood, more grown up. The hazelnuts are from Piedmont, the pistachios are from Sicily, and if you happen to have chocolate, it’s top Valhrona that stands for the high end ingredient. You can tell the owners care about origin and good quality.

Produced in-house, it’s as every bit as artisan as it sounds. In my opinion, a dollop of whipped cream is perfect with any of the ice cream flavours. It makes it even naughtier. And that means even better. Ask me in a month however and I’ll go for the low-carb sorbet with no sugar…


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