Back to basics: the cinnamon bun

I haven’t been baking in a while, but since I brought some specialties back from home, it seemed like a good idea to make some cinnamon buns yesterday. The specialties in question are pearl sugar and ground cardamom. Virtually impossible to get a hold of, ground cardamom can actually be found in Indian or Asian shops, but pearl sugar I have never seen on the supermarket shelves. And they’re sort of the icing on the cake, as you can see from the photo below.

The cinnamon bun is a classic Scandinavian treat and there are probably as many different traditional bun recipes as there are traditional meatball recipes. Some prefer a vanilla sugar filling (myself included), others want to experiment with apple jam, raisins or blueberries. The true bun, and the most favoured, has lots and lots of cinnamon. And butter.

The buns are not healthy or nutritious (although, there are of course healthy versions) but they’re very easy to make and feature at most birthday parties, fika gatherings and general treat times. Even my grandpa can make cinnamon buns, and they’re nothing to be ashamed of.

Last year I made cinnamon buns for my colleagues but left them in the oven too long, so by the morning after they were completely dry. The horror when I presented the sad buns to the eager British bunch, I felt like an unaccomplished Swede. This time, however, I was determined not to make the same mistake and they turned out pretty decent. In fact, dare I even say pretty good?

Best enjoyed straight from the oven with a glass of milk,  it might be Sweden’s answer to chocolate chip cookies.


One thought on “Back to basics: the cinnamon bun

  1. aa I do remember how we sneakily opened every sugar packet available in that massive Sainsbury’s in New Cross in our hunt for pearl sugar.. aa New Cross those were the days! 😉

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