May day: the very first

My first picnic of the year should’ve been May 1st, but due to pasta lunches and general lazing about, the first one had to be postponed to the second. Second of May that is. I grew up associating May 1st with picnics, not politics. My oldest friend K (who in fact was only a month old when we first made our acquaintances) and I know exactly how to salute spring.

Every year our families took us to a local farm to look at pigs, bunnies and horses. When we got bored of that (and kids don’t have much of an attention span), we moved to a recreation centre right by the sea to indulge in our picnic. The picnic basket varied from year to year, but it was always a bit of a contest who brought the best food. Or who baked the best treats.

K was a little daredevil and her brother too. They often insisted on checking how cold the water actually was (Champagne bottles could easily be chilled in this temperature) and sometimes, only sometimes, an accident would happen, and K suddenly enjoyed her first dip of the year. On a particularly warm May day I think even I tested the waters.

Our families continued with this picnic tradition up until K and I were 20 years old and suddenly found ourselves living in different cities. Now K is about to become a mum herself and I hope she will pass on the tradition to her daughter or son. It’s a lovely way of celebrating the very first May day.

My picnic this year was not so dissimilar from the ones from my childhood. It was quite cold and I was sitting next to the Thames. The mozzarella and parma ham sandwiches tasted so much better than they would should we’ve eaten inside, and the best part was obviously our dessert: an antioxidant bursting fruit salad.

We sat in Cremorne Gardens, which is a lovely little garden, tucked away from Chelsea Embankment. It’s a great spot to bask in the sunshine, smell the Thames and admire the architecture of Battersea and Chelsea Harbour (of course you have twist your head quite a lot to do this). As you can see, the garden is quite happening with funky bird boxes and a sheltered little garden chair. Perfect for small bums and sunseekers.

Next time you’re looking for a good picnic spot, Cremorne Gardens might be the one. Unless you can get to Skutberget of course… the place I’ll always associate with May 1st.


One thought on “May day: the very first

  1. Så fint att jag nästan blev rörd till tårar (vi kan skylla på graviditetshormonerna)! Lilla M ska definitivt få lära sig att fira första maj, men jag är tveksam om det blir några tidiga dopp för min del här uppe i norr. Burr….

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