Vodka rhubarb

Miss E and I like to experiment. Preferably with vodka. I promise you it’s not as alcohol-fuelled as it sounds. Last year we created an elderflower cocktail in time for Midsummer’s Eve and this year we remembered a sweet rhubarb G&T at Bob Bob Ricard and wanted to re-create it with vodka for the Wedding.

The Wedding. Yes, we watched it. But we didn’t cry and that was a great disappointment. The greatest moment however was the bridal dress, it was magnificent, and Kate was magnificent in it. Although we complained about BBC coverage (we missed out on Queen Margrete of Denmark’s dress) and William’s lack of hair, we had quite an enjoyable day. To accompany the rhubarb drink, we ate rye bread with avocado and lemon, gravadlax and a vegetable frittata.

The vodka rhubarb recipe belongs to Miss E, and I give her full credit for creating this thirst quencher. Just don’t let her pour the vodka for you…

Miss E’s Rhubarb Bliss

1 kg rhubarb

4 dl water

2 dl sugar



Put the chopped rhubarb in a big saucepan filled with 4 dl water. Bring the fruit to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Drain the fruit and remove. Add 2 dl sugar to the rhubarb juice and bring to the boil until the sugar dissolves, et voila – that’s the base for the drink. Add tonic (or lemonade if you want a sweeter drink) and a good vodka brand. Easy as that.


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