What a taco extravaganza

I’m going to introduce you to a typical Swedish dish. Dare I say it’s more popular than pizza and meatballs, two other quintessentially Swedish food favourites? Tacos arrived big in Sweden during the 90s. I remember the first time I had it a food trendy friend’s birthday party. Since I was used to eating pork tender loin with potato dauphinois for celebration events, tacos was mindblowing.

A bit of corn here, some taco-spiced mince meat there. Lettuce on top, sprinkle grated cheese and if you were daring enough (of course I wasn’t) you would also add hot salsa. Tacos became the Friday night dinner staple. And quite soon it was no longer exotic, it was (almost) a Swedish national dish.

It was therefore natural that we would have a taco extravaganza for Miss E’s birthday on Saturday night. Mr. E and Miss E went shopping and came back with so many carrier bags I nearly felt guilty for not helping out. However, I was taking care of the dessert, a chocolate lime cake, and was rather stressed as I had never tried out that recipe before. And that usually equals disaster…

Our form of tacos is not authentic Mexican food in any way. Tacos is the family name for the dish and can involve tortillas, nachos (totopos) and the taco shells. We use very mild flavours so as not to upset our sensitive Scandi stomachs, and it’s a fantastic smörgåsbord to serve when you have guests. Easy, inexpensive and moreish.

Dinner was a hit, and Miss E misjudged her appetite and ate too much. She could hardly down my chocolate lime cake, which was ok, I didn’t particularly fancy it either. After this little extravaganza summary I’m craving tacos again. It’s not really a dish to have on your own, so I might just have to head down to Mexicali for a quesadilla.

Hasta luego muchachos.


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