Bananadrama: the food styling quest

Gloria had some quite unappetising bananas lying in her fruit bowl and expressed an interest to get rid of these. I volunteered to make banana bread, I had my eye on a new spelt recipe. I have quite a history turning sugar or carb-loaded recipes healthy, and have endured plenty of attitude from my friends who think this kind of experimentation is unnecessary. But let’s not forget the bean brownies, or the pizza made from psyllium husk fibre that all tasted perfectly fine.

Once again, I used the white spelt flour sent to me by Sharpham Park, to whip up a deliciously moist banana and cinnamon bread. Having lost my beloved deciliter cup I had to estimate how much flour, sugar and butter to use and it was a nailbiting experience watching the cake rise in the oven. But rise it did, and no one died from eating it, which always is a relief. I might get a manicure though.

Next time I’ll throw in another banana and will also drizzle some lime juice in the batter. I might also add more spelt flour and use less self-rising flour, however I’m not sure if this will make the cake too heavy. I’m no Bakerella, so I usually stick religiously to a recipe – much to Miss E’s frustration, who’s a fully-fledged DIY Nigella.

I fear I’ve turned into a slight pseudo food stylist (is there a support group for us poor pretend-to-be photographers?). I didn’t really care to slice open the banana treat, I was just interest in its shape and how photogenic it would turn out. I casually flung an orchid flower over the loaf and clutched my camera, ready to exploit my victim like a banana-bread hungry Helmut Newton. Ask my flatmates and Rose the Beautiful how tasty it was.


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