The spelt odyssey: carrot bread

I’ve been so excited about my spelt flour from Sharpham Park that I’ve spent hours looking at recipes. They’re all Swedish, which means half of the ingredients can’t be bought in Waitrose. Finding a recipe, as you can imagine, has proven to be quite a challenge.

This carrot bread however, looked easy enough. I wanted to make a delicious and moist bread, that would be would be just as nice with butter as with ham. Or any other open sandwich topping for that matter. Egg with Kalles Kaviar, liver paté, cheese – you name it, I garnish it!

The recipe is taken from a celebrity chef in Sweden, called Renée Voltaire.  Now, Renée, I don’t know if it’s your recipe that has mistakes in it, or if I’m just too much of an amateur, but this bread didn’t really set after 50 minutes in the oven. For my confidence, let’s say it’s a combination of my inexperience and Renée’s typos.

Like the Good Samaritan (I do like to think of myself like that sometimes) I let flatmates and friends taste the bread. The comments? Well, they obviously didn’t care that the bread was slightly doughey. “Yummy. This bread is so yummy” said Gloria with her endearing Columbian accent. “Well done. Good bread” said the monosyllabic A, and had another slice.

So, even if it wasn’t perfect bread as I had hoped, it was still well received. Apart from the already very nutritious spelt flour, I used natural syrup (made from fruit) instead of honey and I also sprinkled sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds over the loaf.

I’ve got plenty of more spelt flour from Sharpham Park that I can’t wait to use for more experimental recipes. Spelt flour is actually proving to be quite inspirational. Who would’ve thought?


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