Virgin (spelt) pancakes

The title to this post does not allude to the fact that there isn’t any booze in my pancakes (although this is true). Instead, it alludes to the fact that I’ve never made pancakes before. Oh the shame.

To defend myself, I’m more of a waffle kind of girl anyway. Waffles with apple jam, waffles with blueberries and ice cream – there’s a good list what you can have with your waffles. But this post isn’t about waffles, it’s about pancakes, so stop digressing and get on with it.

Right. A kind PR girl approached me on Twitter asking if I’d like to try Sharpham Park’s spelt products. Since I’m a fan of rye, spelt and anything that isn’t plain, dull white flour,  I couldn’t possibly say no. Fast forward a week later and a box of Sharpham Park products landed on my doorstep. This is the first recipe I’m going to try using the spelt flour, but I also have great plans for some bread loaves too.

First of all, I need to whine. Not about the spelt, but about pancakes. No one ever told me it was hard to make. There I was, frying pan in hand, batter in the other and felt like I was on top of the pancake world. The result was less impressive.

The spelt flour however, was great. Not only did it make the pancakes fuller in flavour (I got a very strong galette vibe), they were obviously more nutritious too. Who wants to use white flour these day anyway?

My first topping, or filling, was a strawberry couli with basil and lime. With sliced strawberries it felt like such a summer dish, and with the sun shining through the kitchen window I could almost pretend it was June.

I have developed a thing for fennel, and after a brilliant fennel and rocket salad at Pizza East this weekend I’m even more keen to incorporate this healthy herb into my cooking. It was therefore suitable to add it to my experimental savoury pancake. I also added orange pepper, courgettes and mushrooms to get a good dose of my 5-a day. The result? You be the judge. I saw. I ate. I was very full.

I’d like to thank Sharpham Park for supplying me so kindly with their products. It’s really a generous gesture. I’ll be introducing this brand in later blog posts, so watch this space. The spelt pancake recipe can be found here.


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