A splash of colour in Hampstead

I was on my way to stroll around Hampstead Heath when I made a stop outside the Catto Gallery. Big, colourful wall sculptures caught my attention and I had to walk in. These artworks reminded me of one of my favourite artists Ardy Strüwer, who creates equally vibrant paintings. I love a bit of colour.

Israeli-born David Gerstein creates his wall sculptures from laser cutting and car paint, and the motifs combine nature and urbanity. Butterflies, cyclists, lips and flowers are crammed into the rather large objects (who’s got room for a metre-high butterfly boot?) but are all dealt with a lighthearted touch. This is art that makes you happy.

Not for the minimalist lover, or the Lucian Freud fan, it might be slightly difficult to put these wall sculptures anywhere. Maybe for the utility room? These are normally so boring.

Catch the exhibition until March 24th at  the Catto Gallery – it will certainly spruce up any grey and wet day. Head to Gail’s and pick up some bread after and your day is done.


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