Rose Bakery is a hidden gem

Dover Street Market is one of my favourite London haunts. Right after Liberty it’s the best department store and a place where I have absolutely no reason  to be. Why? Because with Celine bags, YSL Tribute shoes and Lanvin pumps abundant, this is not a store for someone who’s strapped for cash.

You realise this as you enter the ground floor and admire the impeccable jewellery selection. Dare I say the best jewellery selection in London? Edgy, exquisite and ethereal, you won’t find better eye candy.

And then there’s Rose. Rose Bakery I mean. Take the lift up to the 4th floor and you’ll find “her” –  a small café space with cakes, puddings, light dishes and lovely tea pots.

I met up with my fashionista friend the Lovely L on Saturday to combine fashion with food. L works for Net-a-Porter and always looks flawless. Always. I lived with her for two years so I should know.

While discussing her recent trip to Berlin, my recent restaurant visit and romance woes, we ate scones and jam, and a heavenly apricot jam slice, which was the mother of all apricot slices. Now that the tea room at Liberty is closed for “a new, exciting concept”, Rose Bakery is a solid hangout and a must-try if you want to spot some Erdem and Etro.


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