Good colleagues mean the world

I’m not a pubby kind of girl. The floor is usually sticky and I don’t like beer.  However, I was suddenly very pub keen when E suggested a meet-up at The Builders Arms. It was a meet-up catch-up with my dear, dear old colleagues (well they’re not that old, but they sadly ceased to be my colleagues in December). Jokes and food were always plentiful and it felt like going to work to meet friends. I cherish these colleagues even more now when I’m working for myself.

Fastforward three months later and we still have as much to talk about as any odd Tuesday. Em’s baby boy is growing and her novel is coming together (she probably disagrees, but I’m certain she’s got a bestseller up her sleeve), I has got a million projects as per usual, L is a gospel queen in the making and E is struggling to come to terms with if he really likes the corporate world or not.

Fab group.

Builders Arms is fab too. Colourful books on display, comfy sofas and armchairs, and a black board with a quote by Joan Collins saying “Age is just a number totally irrelevant unless of course you happen to be a bottle of wine”. You have to love a bit of Joan Collins.

I can’t pass  judgement on the food unfortunately as I was on a liquid diet, but L’s enormous chicken pie looked delicious.

Next time I’m going back to The Builders Arms I’ll be bringing Miss E. She likes books and sofas as much as I do. Maybe even more. And I shall be waiting for my next colleague catch-up with great anticipation.


2 thoughts on “Good colleagues mean the world

  1. For some reason WordPress got a little over excited then and posted a half-written comment.

    Glad you like the place – I’d only be there once before but seemed like it would sit well with the Ooh crowd.

    Miss y’alls too.


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