Baring your bum

“Look how hot it is, I’m just going to bare my bum for a second.” This controversial Italian ad by new fashion label Silvian Heach (that looks to rival Zara if it makes it to Old Blighty), made me think about my own bum. Especially after over-eating at Pizzeria Portobello.

Sometimes you’re enthusiastic about how much you can eat and also enthusiastic about the menu. This combination usually doesn’t bode well. Last night I had dinner for two – and as I’m not pregnant I’m not sure if it’s justifiable.

Portobello Pizzeria is a cute Italian restaurant just off Notting Hill Gate. In the summer it’s all about al fresco eating on the terrace, however as spring still hasn’t decided if she wants to step out or not, there’s not much choice than to sit inside and add to the rather loud atmosphere.

Waiters speak Italian, look Italian and serve simple Italian food (with an emphasis on pizza and pasta). I know this because I went with an Italian and was treated like a signorina. Never once did he complain that the food wasn’t good enough, which is a good benchmark.

We ordered grilled scamorza (a smoked cheese dish served with basil and parma ham), a traditional caprese salad, pasta with truffles, a whole grilled seabass (my attempt of turning a carb-fest healthy) and Saltimbocca Portobello. The latter was sort of like a pizza roll filled with ricotta, pancetta, mozzarella and rocket, and neither of us had tried it before. I would go back just for another taste of the saltimbocca.

They also do pizza by the metre, which is of course fun if you’re a big group of people. In fact, the whole place is fun, and for a weekday meal it’s perfect, as it won’t break the bank. And that’s a seriously good verdict for a London trattoria.

Don’t forget to look at Silvian Heach, the collection looks fantastic. Today you can find me doing squats in a park nearby you.


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