Back on the bread wagon

Another Monday, another day to bake crispbread. I was once again at Virtuous Bread HQ and brought my slumbering domestic goddess to life. I’ve tried to make crispbread before with very disappointing results, but this recipe proved to be a success. While I didn’t prepare the dough (the dough needs to rest overnight) I happily rolled out the round crispbread with a rolling pin, and thereafter a poky rolling pin – this is to prevent the bread from puffing up like a balloon in the oven.

The recipe can be found here and I promise it tastes much better than Ryvita (in fact, it actually has a taste). The pretty part of making these crispbread is that you make small holes in them (this is the traditional way of doing it, as people used to hang the bread to let it dry) and the little round leftover discs are perfect for snacking!

We sprinkled cumin seeds, fennel seeds and sesame seeds on top, but virtually anything goes. Cheese, pumpkin seeds, linseeds, sea salt and rosemary also make good toppings.

This is mackerel paté and was very delicious. I’m a huge fan of mackerel (it’s cheap and healthy) and have started to buy mackerel in tomato sauce, it forms a perfect marriage with crispbread. Another favourite? Sour cream with fresh chives. Less healthy.


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