Making myself at home with bread and butter

Have you ever had that feeling when you step into someone’s house and you immediately feel at home? I had that feeling yesterday when I paid a visit to Jane of Virtuous Bread. The flat is decorated in what I can only describe as a Scandinavian meets rustic idyll style and has a grand riverside view and a peaceful garden. And with two generous bookshelves bursting with Murakami and Atwood titles, I could well see myself in front of the open fire getting involved with magic realism and dystopias.

I’m quite obsessed with flats at the moment. It’s probably because I’ve got such a horrible one myself. Correction, the flat itself is perfectly fine – it’s the flatmates that I have a problem with.

Woes aside, meeting Jane for lunch was lovely and so was the chickpea and courgette soup she’d prepared. Of course, being the master baker she is, she had also made a delicious sourdough bread. You don’t need much more than slightly salted butter to enjoy a flavoursome loaf like this.

More of Virtuous Bread in another post, now I’m digging into my fourth bread slice of the day. Bread is enough to cheer up anyone with a crap flat situation.


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