Pick me up Pocket Coffee

The other day I had been working non-stop all morning and was in need of a snack. I knew there was nothing of interest in the cupboard (just crispbread and desiccated coconut) so I went on a snack search in my room. What did I find? Pocket Coffee.

This little chocolate delicacy (delicacy might be a slight exaggeration) was a favourite in Italy 2 weekends ago and saved our starved selves splendidly when we arrived to town at 1pm and no shops were open. It has a liquid espresso core that pours into your mouth when you take a bite, and it blends perfectly with the soft, dark chocolate.

Pocket Coffee is only sold (in Italy) during the cold months, as the coffee risks to ooze out should the chocolate melt. I think it’s a good idea that they’re not sold in the UK at all – a pocket coffee-a-day sounds like a safe way to caffeine candy addiction.


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