Power to the people: The People’s Supermarket is here

The road to The People’s Supermarket was long. I was unlucky to end up in a tube carriage with all of west London’s primary school children. It was like the London Zoo had been let lose on a field trip. The noise level was as high as in a parakeet cage and like snakes the little ones crawled up and down the seats. By the time I reached Russell Square I was exhausted.

Luckily, The People’s Supermarket showed no signs of kids on speed taking over the premises.

For people out of the loop, TPS is a new supermarket concept, which functions like a cooperative. There are certain rules and regulations in order to join in, but unlike other complicated decrees these actually make sense.

First of all, you have to sign up to become a member. You also have to volunteer in the shop for four hours every four weeks, which really doesn’t take much effort. Think about it, it could be an excellent opportunity to meet a Friday night local date. Although I’m not suggesting that The People’s Supermarket should turn into The People’s Meat Market.

Since there are no staff costs, it means the food prices can be kept low and bargain hunters can rejoice. TPS is all about engaging the local community, enabling everyone to have a say about their store. As a member you also get a 10% discount.

The shop shelves don’t burst with products just yet, but I bet that if the Camden crowd supports the enterprise, TPS will turn into a very successful concept indeed. I’ve been asking myself if I would sign up to the shop should it establish itself in my local area and although I’m frustratrated with the big supermarkets’ overpriced hass avocados, I might be one of those hypocritical yay-sayers who applaud a new idea, but don’t join in on the fun.

However, should TPS branch out in Chelsea you would find me in the dairy aisle.

Catch the TPS documentary on Channel 4 starting this Sunday.


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