Plat du Jour: Mixed Grill

Pencil in the 12th of February if you’re into food (and frankly who isn’t?). Mixed Grill, a day of talks, lectures, performances, debates and rants comes to Conway Hall and promises to bring some rather interesting topics.

Jellymongers Bompas and Parr will be there talking about ether in cocktails and Florian Siepart has a thing or two to say about food camps. Other topics I would like to hear more about is how product layout and design affect our purchases, and how to lay an 18th century table (the Jane Austen geek in me is getting quite excited by this one)

“London’s next top tranny” Russella will demonstrate how to cook a meal and still stay fresh, fabulous and flawless. There are other fun performances too, but this sounds rather intriguing.

The event is organised by food critic and writer Tim Hayward (of Fire and Knives fame) and costs £20. True to trend, there will also be a pop-up restaurant under the head of Ms MarmiteLover, who will cook up a 3-course set lunch meal.


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