The dreaded reunion

It’s been 10 years since I graduated from Högstadiet. I find that pretty hard to believe. I mean I know it’s true, the invite to my reunion came to mother dearest the other day and she was kind enough to forward it to me. According to that list I still live in K-town.

That’s not good. Will my ex-classmates think I never made it out of my comfort zone? I want to show up at my reunion in true Romy and Michele style. Looking out from my ex-council estate I don’t feel like I’m quite there yet. Nor do I think I will make it for mid March, which is when the reunion is.

Another dilemma, I can’t actually attend. As enticing as it may sound to pay £40 for steak and chips, listen to good old tunes from “back then” (what did we listen to?) and chat to long lost buddies, I can’t see myself flying over the Nordic Sea just for a dreadful blast from the past.

I stumbled upon a school crush on Facebook today and it was rather surreal. Not just because the sweet boy was covered in tattoos and sported a beard but because I realised all we have in common is that period when our teenage angst peak was at its highest. And our fashion sense at our lowest.

So I’ve decided I’m not going. But to succomb to the nostalgia somewhat I’ve compiled a list of what my youth consisted of – food wise – during those  years.

Langos at Arvikafestivalen – I’m 16, have stars under my eyes and don’t like commercial music. But I do like langos (Hungarian deep friend bread) and get a real taste for it during my very first music festival.

Pyttipanna- For 9 years I hardly ate a thing in the school canteen. Crispbread with cottage cheese was a saviour, as was grated carrots. Whenever they served pyttipanna, a Swedish dish made of diced potatoes, meat, onion and other leftovers, I could hardly breathe. I still fear pyttipanna.

Sally’s – My grandma liked to spoil me rotten. Twice a year she went to Stockholm to purchase next season’s desirable outfits for her boutique and I got to tag along. I will always remember one special dinner at Sally’s in Old Town, a cute restaurant that served the most delicious fish stew. Ever.

What are your food memories?

The langos photo was originally published on Matomspunnet.

The landscape photo was published on Flickr.


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