The Italian job – working on my paunch

A quick getaway to Courmayeur this weekend left me feeling like an 80-year old grannie. I haven’t stood on a pair of skis for probably 7 years, however when I was invited to join, I obviously lied and said that although my ski skills were a bit rusty I would be just fine. Fine fine fine.

Consult my thigh muscles yesterday and ask if they were fine. I guess this is what arthritis feels like.

Regardless of my terrible physique the trip was a total success and I had plenty of wonderful food encounters. Who knew for instance, that lardo (pure fat, ladies and gents) could taste so good?

In true Italian style the weekend circled mostly around food and wine. I learnt a thing or two about “Super Tuscans” (fine red wines that didn’t adhere to DOC standards and were given the abominable table wine label due to the experimental use of  non-native grapes. However the quality was later recognised and the wines became very highly sought after) and I also had the best steak I’ve had in a very long time. With foie gras on top.

The skiing sessions made it easier to indulge in whatever was put in front of me. Amaretto cake, charcuterie boards, Sambuca (there was a lot of Sambuca dear friends) and some servings of pasta passed my lips, and although the pasta was a bit too al dente for my liking, the rest was a real treat.

We stayed in the picturesque Dolonne village and could ski all the way down the mountain tops to the entrance of the cosy chalet-style hotel. Outside was a little aprés ski area which I might’ve taken an enthusiastic part in if I wasn’t so knackered from skiing. When the others drank beer, I had a bath.

Here are some more photos of the trip. Courmayeur is a really relaxed ski resport and if you don’t want to mingle with the fur gilets set, you’ll feel right at home.

Bring on the breakfast.

Stopping for a break.

Early morning walking through the village.

Happy to see that Christmas decorations were still up.

Another break.


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